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Community Weigh-In: Help Plan Bedford’s New Bike Path

bike path near bedford ma

The Town of Bedford’s proposed new bike path is going to make getting around town a whole lot more pleasant — for runners, walkers and cyclists alike. According to the town website, the project will “build on the existing trail and sidewalk network and, in combination with bicycle improvements, give residents of all ages more transportation options for local trips.”


After considerable fieldwork and investigation, the head honchos are looking for opinions from the experts. That means you. Check out these cool, clickable interactive maps where you can leave comments alongside the proposed changes. For a neat, illustrated glossary of terms, see the neat toolbox that describes the elements of bike-friendly streets, from shared lane markings to separated bike paths.


You can also pop in to the next community meeting at Town Hall, where the master plan-in-progress will be shared and suggestions invited. It’s scheduled for May 13 at 7 p.m.