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Dive Into Virtual Worlds at MindTrekVR Woburn

MindTrek VR Woburn takes guests on journeys into alternate realities without ever leaving the comfort of the Gamer’s Lounge. Its games unfold entirely in make-believe worlds thanks to cutting-edge virtual reality technology, which packs a full universe into your headset when you enter MindTrek.

Grab your headset and dive into a game of Sol Raiders, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. After the earth has been destroyed, humans are left scouring the universe for Sol, an extremely valuable power source that will make its finder rich. Beat other players to it if you want to win. You can even attempt to escape the Alpha CentaVR Virtual Escape Room, which is contained completely in your set of VR goggles. Solve riddles and follow clues to find the door that leads back to your own reality.