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Encourage Kids to Learn and Play at Einstein’s Workshop

The founders of Einstein's Workshop wanted to create a space where education and fun collide, with an emphasis on the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). They've done just that with their kid-centric learning studio, which welcomes youngsters and their parents for open play, hosts classes, and offers summer camps.

Now that the school year is back in session and summer camps are over, the public is once again invited to drop in at Einstein's Workshop and play with the educational toys. Build new creations with Legos, K'nex, Anker Blocks, and other colorful and kid-friendly materials. If your little one is interested in digging into any of the STEM topics in a fun way, sign them up for a class or workshop like Coding for Kids, the Young Inventor's Squad, or Learning Robotics with LEGO. The sessions fuse education and play in a way that keeps even the most inquisitive kids engaged.

Public Domain/Pixabay/geralt