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Enjoy Some Old-Fashioned Fall Fun at Chip-in Farm

Have some fun down on the farm this fall season at Chip-in Farm in Bedford! This country-style farmhouse and farm store is the perfect spot to go for authentic farmhouse goods, fresh produce, and food products and an exciting experience at the petting zoo. 

The farm store, located inside the old farmhouse, contains a store full of official primitive farm goods including Concord tea cakes, fresh made honey, lamb and beef from local sources, Valley View Orchard dessert pies, and many other local favorites and treats. You can also shop their store full of freshly picked produce as well. Zucchini, pumpkins, clementines, grapefruit, eggplants, cucumbers, and even Swiss chard are all available in the produce section at Chip-in Farm. If you have kids, be sure to bring them along too and they can explore the fun and interactive petting zoo, where they can play with goats, sheep, cows and a pig named Lily!