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Field-Fresh Foods Await at Chip-In Farm

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If you consider yourself a conscious consumer, then pick up a dozen eggs at Chip-In Farm. Its chickens aren't just free-range, they're "free-running." What's more, the store sells eggs that were just plucked from the coop yesterday, so they're much fresher than anything you'll find at a supermarket.

In fact, everything is fresher at Chip-In Farm because it's a small, family-owned business. So the turnaround from field-to-store is typically just a day or two, whether the product comes from its own field or a nearby producer. You'll find grass-fed beef from Chip-In Farm, milk and ice cream from local Shaw Farm, Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm goat milk and cheese, and many other tasty products. There's also a petting zoo outside and a penny corner counter, so feel free to bring some pint-sized shoppers along.

Public Domain/Pixabay/paulbr75