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Find Some Peace and Quiet at Serenity Yoga Center

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In the hectic modern world, it can be difficult to remember to relax. It might be hard to even remember how to relax. That's where Serenity Yoga Center comes in. True to its name, this Bedford-based studio retrains bodies to enjoy moments of zen all day long, even when they're not in class — the way they did before smartphones existed.

Explore Serenity Yoga Center's schedule and pick a class that caters to your needs. If you simply want to unwind, come to a 90-minute yoga and meditation class. The instructor dedicates the first half of class to Kripalu yoga, a practice focused on deep stretching and specific breathing techniques. Then, you'll spend 30 minutes in guided meditation, followed by 15 minutes during which pupils can ask questions about meditation. If you just want to get a good sweat in, come to a Vinyasa class. These fast-paced sessions build endurance and strength simultaneously as yogis flow quickly through postures and hold certain poses to build muscles.