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Fuel Up With Fresh Juices at Pressed Cafe

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Whether you're trying to start your day the right way or just want a healthy afternoon pick-me-up, Pressed Cafe offers a variety of choices. This popular Burlington cafe specializes in nutritious and satisfying breakfast foods like protein-packed egg-and-sausage burritos, as well as nutrient-dense acai bowls packed with superfoods like blueberries, bananas, organic honey, coconut water, and more.

Pressed Cafe also serves a variety of fresh-pressed raw juices, which you can get in a variety of health-promoting blends. Try kale, celery, cucumber, spinach, and green apple for a super-boost to your immune system, or be sure you get your day's vegetable intake with a juice that combines beets, tomatoes, and carrots with a bit of jalapeno to spice things up. You can even make it a smoothie by adding your choice of frozen yogurt, almond milk, and ice.