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Ground Yourself With a Relaxing Flow at Roots Yoga

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Roots Yoga in Burlington is named after the root chakra, the grounding force that yogis believe allows us to connect to the earth. They focus on this sense of grounding by providing a place to find peacefulness in the midst of busy and hectic days.

Roots offers a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels, from Gentle Yoga to Heated Yoga to Yoga Pilates. For a challenge, try out their Power Yoga class for 90 minutes of dynamic vinyasa and strengthening yoga. They also offer various workshops and events to deepen your understanding in a particular subject of yoga.

Roots Yoga has a cozy, clean studio space complemented by earthy décor, dim lighting, and the smell of burning incense. Drop-in classes are normally $15, and class passes and monthly memberships are also available. Classes are conveniently scheduled every day from early morning to evening.

Public Domain/Pixabay/janeb13