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Head to Chip-In Farm for Saturday Evening Goat Yoga on July 20

Saturday Evening Goat Yoga at Chip-In Farm

If your usual yoga class isn’t keeping you engaged, Saturday Evening Goat Yoga certainly will. True to its name, this class includes an unexpected twist: baby goats (AKA kids) meander in between practitioners as everyone flows through a yoga series. Chip-In Farm on Hartwell Road is hosting the special outdoor yoga class on Saturday, July 20th from 6 to 7 p.m.

If you’re lucky enough to snag a spot in the popular class ($25), show up a few minutes early to set up your mat. The organizers highly recommend you bring along a towel to cover your mat, as the pint-sized goats have been known to take a bite out of practitioners’ mats in the past! Then Julie Aronis of Little Elephant Yoga will lead you through an all-levels flow as the baby goats hop and climb across the class members.