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Join the Community at CrossFit Exclamation

The Village at Taylor Pond fitness center

Many people who talk about the appeal of CrossFit use the word ‘community’ a lot. Well, the community at CrossFit Exclamation probably has a few people just like you already taking part in their unique, high intensity workouts. They're just looking for average people who want to be able to do above-average things.

Get stronger and leaner and improve your cognitive and emotional health with functional exercises that will improve your day-to-day life. CrossFit Exclamation offers a 30-day beginners program and a ‘Couch to CrossFit’ course to get you started. From there, the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of personal training or specific classes designed to bring out your strongest you. Monthly memberships and punch card rates are available. Go to the website for more information on their class offering, and for membership rates and testimonials.