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Lay the Foundation for a Solid Yoga Practice at Roots Yoga in Vienna

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Roots Yoga takes its name from the philosophy it touts, which is that in order to grow as a yogi, you must first put down roots in a solid foundational practice. The instructors at Roots Yoga want to provide that strong foundation. They believe that yoga literally grounds you, connecting your roots to the earth in a way that can only enhance your life, even outside of the studio.

So come to Roots Yoga to begin your practice or journey deeper into it. The beginners class is perfect for a newbie, as it focuses on basic breathing techniques, stretching, and simple balancing poses. If you're looking to challenge your body, try power yoga instead. This fast-flowing form of Vinyasa yoga will get you sweating as you move quickly through postures for a solid mix of cardio exercise and strength training.