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Pull Off a Museum Heist at Breakout Games in Woburn

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You steal into the house through an unlocked window. You softly tiptoe through its rooms, searching each carefully. And then, you spot it: a rare piece of artwork peeks out from behind a corner. You turn and suddenly stumble upon the entire collection. It's what you've been looking for. Now you only have minutes to grab the goods and escape before the thief who pilfered them wakes up and discovers what you're up to—the consequences could be deadly. But don't worry, there's no real danger. This is all just part of the Museum Heist escape room at Breakout Games in Woburn.

It's one of five rooms you can book, each outfitted with high-quality sets that hide puzzles and clues. You have to work your way from one clue to the next in order to escape the room in an hour or less, or you lose the game. Other potential scenarios include Operation: Casino, an espionage-themed room, and The Kidnapping, where you must escape before your abductor returns to find you plotting.

Public Domain/Pixabay/clockedindk