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Shallots Dishes Out Thai and Japanese Cuisine

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The chef at Shallots specializes in two distinct types of cuisine: Thai food and Japanese sushi. The menu showcases both, starting with a lengthy list of Thai snacks, noodles, and entrees. Start with the crab rangoon or a bowl of spicy lemongrass tom yum soup, then enjoy pad Thai, a plate of curry, or boneless crispy duck with stir-fried veggies.

If you want to try the sushi, indulge in a few of the maki rolls. The Crazy Maki combines crispy shrimp tempura with creamy avocado, refreshing cucumber, and savory eel sauce. Ken's Torched Maki, on the other hand, features white fish, cucumber, and special sauce on the inside and torched salmon and tobiko on top. Complement your meal with a lychee martini, a Long Island Thai Tea, or a frozen mango-coconut daiquiri, just a few of the inventive cocktails that come from the bar.

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