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Shopper Heaven: Wegmans a Go-Go

Wegman's bedford ma

Have you been to the Burlington Wegmans yet? If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, we’ll give you 10 reasons to get there ASAP:

1. Hot prepared foods. The food bar has a range of Asian, Indian and Italian selections.

2. Food court. Choose from offerings like thin-crust pizza, fresh subs, and sushi and sashimi prepped to order.

3. Soup and charcuterie stations. Find all your appetizer needs in one place, including some you haven’t even thought of.

4. Liquor license. You’ll want to grab an extra cart when you see the selection of booze, wine and craft beers.

5. Lounge area. Grab some hot wings from the buffet, sit down by the fireplace and check the score of the game on the big TV.

6. Romper room. It’s a fun spot where kids can be kids rather than getting dragged up and down the aisles.

7. Club packs. They have warehouse-sized offerings on everything from snacks and soda to ground beef, so you can stock up for your next big gathering.

8. Fresh produce. Everyone says it because it’s true— the fruits and veggies couldn’t be fresher if you grew them in your own backyard.

9. Awesome app. With so much to offer, the store is a pretty big place. Fortunately, the Wegmans app helps you find just what you’re looking for.

10. Parking. The covered, double-decker parking garage has plenty of spots — and elevators, too.

Wegmans is just a seven-minute drive from The Village at Taylor Pond. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!