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There’s a Place for Both Sweet and Savory Waffles at Short Stop Cafe

Chicken & Waffles - Bridge House Tavern

Bedford's Short Stop Cafe proves that waffles don't need to be served with sweet accouterments in order to be tasty. Savory ingredients may delight your taste buds just as much. With a lineup of sweet and savory waffles, house-made scones, and overstuffed croissant sandwiches—plus fresh coffee—Short Stop Cafe delivers on breakfast.

If you want to try one of the savory waffles, order the waffle topped with crispy strips of bacon and gooey cheese or the one that sports fluffy eggs, ham, and cheese. The veggie waffle features a blend of tomato, avocado, and eclectic cheeses. For something on the sweeter side, opt for a Short Stop waffle classic with banana, whipped cream, and chocolate or even ice cream, whipped cream, and jam. The cafe also offers lighter bites, such as the snack-sized waffle, the fresh scones, and an assortment of other pastries.